Clean Energy Solutions

Microgrids that work for you!

By generating your own energy on site, you can control your energy and get the results you need to achieve your business and sustainability goals.

Sunteque LLC Major Components of Microgrid-01


We’re assembling today’s most brilliant energy technologies and creating the world’s first green energy center.

Sunteque LLC has been selected by Green Energy Partners to facilitate component integration in developing an H2 plant, 4-6 SMR’s and a 2-cycle Peaker Plant to power 40 data centers on a 641 acre riverfront Green Energy Center in Surry, VA.


A Local Generation Shift

Lots of Mini Power Plants decarbonized and decentralized, constructed at the ‘point of use’ is what Sunteque LLC envisions to address energy poverty.

Supply Chain Availability

The distributed energy resource (DER) components for our Microgrids are processed and manufactured in North America, reducing the dependency on high risk supply chains.

Battery Manufacturers

Zinc-ion Battery Storage (A non-toxic, water-based design that eliminates fire risk.)

Our solutions help all types of industries